Employee Team Building

Employee Team Building

Teams don’t stay together just because they work together. Without a chance to bond and grow together many supervisors spend more time handling workplace drama and politics than getting work done. You can use team bonding activities to encourage cooperation outside of the office and strengthen workplace bonds.

Team bonding is an ongoing process through which teams become closer and build trust and ease of communication. Bonding involves increasing loyalty to one another and the team. One popular way is through positive shared experiences in the form of fun activities.

Challenging teams with unusual and novel activities, such as floristry activities, is a creative, relaxed, and unusual way for companies to participate in team bonding. We have tested groups of coworkers from all levels of an organization and tasked them with the unfamiliar work of preparing and arranging flowers together. With the lack of floral skill among most individuals the environment quickly transforms from a random collection of strangers to an enjoyable room of engaged teams- both flowers and teams gradually opening.


Prices start at $15 per person with a minimum of $250 party minimum.

For more information about building a unique party experience, please contact us at thestudio@Kellysfreshflowermarket.com


Deposit Details:

We also ask for a 50% deposit to hold the date and time for your workshop and to move forward with ordering the materials needed for your event. A delay in making the deposit by more than 7-days may result in an increase in your workshop cost as the estimate given was based on current prices for floral prices. The remaining 50% will be due 72 hours prior to your event.

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