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Hi there.

My name is Kelly Rogers, Owner and Executive Designer of Kelly’s Fresh Flower Market in Brea, CA. I started my floral design journey years before I ever thought of working with cut fresh flowers. And the story of that journey, well it is too long for a website intro and the goal here is to gain your interest, not send you running for the hills.

Although I started as a small floral design studio with had lofty goals- striving to bring our signature style of garden floral design to a delivery-based system. From the beginning, it was by design to eliminate barriers to have the ability to give or purchase your flowers for your home BY KEEPING PRICES AFFORDABLE. This is very important to me and embedded in our mission statement. Also, staying a strong member of our community is a core value- participating in giveback fundraisers, donating items for non-profit organizations, and never charge delivery fees to a Brea residence or business address.

The next phase of growth was our subscription offerings- a floral arrangement delivery service whether for you or a gift. What we keep hearing from our subscribers is, “it’s a little more than the cost of supermarket flowers, but every delivery is designed in a vase with some flowers I’ve never seen before” or “I’ve never had flowers last so long”? We also like to include the information cards to help people know what unique florals, foliage, and drieds.

As we grew, we knew we wanted to put the tools of floristry into the community’s hands and started offering workshops to local Girl Scout Troops to earn their badges. We started growing that program quickly as we shared our wisdom and experience of cut flowers with the local community we serve. We now offer a variety of workshops that we host at our set locations, workshops hosted in partnership with the City of Brea ‘The Line’, and host private parties for birthday parties, various groups, employee bonding—and we bring everything needed to the event’s location.

So, it is my hope, that we have the chance to help you with some lovely flowers someday- either online order or out in our charming community of Brea.




Yes, (since I often have people ask me), I do have a doctorate and was teaching Business & Finance before switching to Floral Design

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